Zygo NewView 7300 Optical Profilometer

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Zygo NewView 7300 Optical Profilometer
Tool Name Zygo NewView 7300 Optical Profilometer
Instrument Type Metrology
Staff Manager David Barth
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Zygo
Tool Model NewView 7300
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Lab Phone XXXXX


The Zygo has been replaced with a new WLI tool. Please see the Profilm3D instead.


The NewView 7300 white light interferometer (profilometer) is a powerful tool for characterizing and quantifying surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features with excellent precision and accuracy. All measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation. Profile heights ranging from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm at high speeds, independent of surface texture, magnification, or feature height!

Using ZYGO’s Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) technology, the NewView™ 7300 3D optical surface profiler easily measures a wide range of surfaces, including smooth, rough, flat, sloped, and stepped surfaces.

  • Step height measurements
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • 3D maping of surfaces


SOPs & Troubleshooting