Filmetrics Profilm3D

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Filmetrics Profilm3D Optical Profilometer
MET-05 new.jpeg
Tool Name Filmetrics Profilm3D Optical Profilometer
Instrument Type Metrology
Staff Manager David Barth
Lab Location Cleanroom Corridor
Tool Manufacturer Filmetrics
Tool Model Profilm3D
NEMO Designation MET-05
Lab Phone XXXXX


The Profilm3D is an optical profilometer capable of white light interferometry (WLI), green light interferometry (GLI), and phase shift interferometry (PSI). It can measure surface topography, roughness, and step heights from 1 nm up to 10 mm. The tool has two Mirau interferometry objectives: a 10x objective with a field of view ~2x2mm for high speed and large area measurements and a 50x objective for spatial resolution up to 0.176 μm.

  • Step height measurements
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • 3D mapping of surfaces


SOPs & Troubleshooting