Scanning & Local Probe Facility

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Scanning & Local Probe Facility
Nanofab Hallway.jpeg
A look inside the QNF cleanroom
Home Institution University of Pennsylvania
Location Philadelphia, PA
Building Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology
Established 2013
Director Matthew Brukman

About the Scanning & Local Probe Facility

The Scanning and Local Probe Facility at the Singh Center is a user facility offering topographical, mechanical, electrical, optical, and chemical characterization tools in ambient, fluid, and high vacuum environments.

Available Resources

The facility is equipped with 2 ambient atomic force microscopes, two scanning confocal Raman spectroscopes (with AFM accessories), an ultra-high vacuum AFM+scanning tunneling microscope, an electronic probe station, and a total internal reflection fluorescence microscope with bio-AFM.

  • SLPF Equipment List: Find resources for any given instrument (e.g. SOPs, troubleshooting, presentations, manuals, videos, specifications)
  • Equipment Reservations: Go to the SLPF's IRIS site to make reservations to use the equipment
  • Suggestion Box: Please send all SUGGESTIONS to help improve the Scanning Probe Lab to Matt Brukman.


SLPF Equipment List

SLPF Equipment Owner Matrix