Veeco Savannah 200

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Creating Veeco Savannah 200
Tool Name Creating Veeco Savannah 200
Instrument Type Deposition
Staff Manager Sam Azadi
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Veeco
Tool Model Savannah 200
Iris Designation ALD-03
Lab Phone 215-898-9736


Savannah is equipped with high-speed pneumatic pulse valves to enable our unique Exposure Mode for thin film deposition on Ultra High Aspect Ratio substrates. This proven precision thin film coating methodology can be used to deposit conformal, uniform films on substrates with aspect ratios of greater than > 2000:1. Savannah is capable of holding substrates of different sizes up to 200mm. The Savannah thin film deposition systems are equipped with Pd, Pt precursors, TMA, HfCl4, formalin and Ozone.

  • Pt
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Pd
  • Under development: Hafnia (using HfCl4 and O3)


Most Recent Deposition Rates
Material Name Precursor 1 Precursor 2 Dep. temperature [C] Carrier flow [sccm] Dep. rate [A/cyc] Date [MM/DD/YY]
Name Pulse time [s] Wait time [s] Name Pulse time [s] Wait time [s]
Al2O3 TMA 0.015 5 O3 0.05 5 200 20 1.1 10/17/22
Pt MeCpPtMe3 0.6 5 O3 0.05 5 200 20 0.7 10/18/22

-Note that Pt deposition saturates at ~ 10 nm and the deposition rate only applies to thicknesses of ~ 5 - 10nm.

-Thin film sheet resistance of Pt deposited using the process parameters above at ~ 10 nm is: ~ 30 Ohm/Sq

SOPs & Troubleshooting