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Polos Spinner
Tool Name Polos Spinner
Instrument Type Lithography
Staff Manager David Jones
Lab Location Bay 5
Tool Manufacturer SPS
Tool Model Polos SPIN150i
Iris Designation SPN-01
Lab Phone XXXXX


The Polos SPIN150i is in place on a trial basis as QNF explores options for new spincoaters in the cleanroom. It has a closed bowl design, and can spin samples from piece parts to 6" wafers.


  • Currently, a 2" vacuum chuck and a piece part chuck are available. These do not give highly uniform coatings on large samples. If high uniformity is required, SPN-01 should not be used yet.
    • We recommend to leave the piece part chuck in place at all times, because it tends to give better uniformity for all samples than the 2" chuck
  • Alternative chucks, which should provide better results for wafers have been ordered and are expected to arrive in early December.
    • A centering tool has also been ordered, but for now, it is necessary to center manually
  • Because of the closed bowl design, this spinner tends to give thinner coatings at the same speed compared with open bowl spinners. Please characterize your resists and make sure the thicknesses you get are appropriate for your process.
  • Do not use a foil liner in this spinner. The spinner has a plastic liner in place, and the liner, bowl, and lid should be wiped clean with acetone after every use.


SOPs & Troubleshooting