Sandvik Furnace Stack

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Sandvik Furnace Stack
Tool Name Sandvik Furnace Stack
Instrument Type Deposition
Staff Manager Sam Azadi
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Ultratech/Cambridge
Tool Model S200
Iris Designation CVD-02
Lab Phone 215-898-9736


The Sandvik LPCVD consists of 4 furnace tubes, with maximum temperature of 1050 C for each one:

Tube 1: Wet/Dry Silicon Oxide growth. Wet/Dry oxide: This tube uses the Si substrate to grow SiO2. Wet oxide refers to the use of water vapor as the source of oxygen and dry oxide uses O2 gas. Since water molecules can penetrate through the substrate more, wet oxide technique results in thicker oxides and faster growth rate. Wet oxide deposition on the tool is limited to 5 hours.

Tube 2: Low Stress Silicon Nitride deposition. This tube is designated to low stress silicon nitride.

Tube 3: Clean anneal. This tube is an RCA clean wafer only anneal tube, with N2 and H2N2 gases.

Tube 4: General anneal. This tube is a general anneal tube, with N2 and H2N2 gases

  • Wet/Dry Silicon Oxide growth
  • Low Stress Silicon Nitride deposition
  • Annealing with N2 or H2N2 gases


SOPs & Troubleshooting

Process information

Deposition and growth rate

  • Thermal Oxide growth rate is not constant. Please use online calculators to get an estimate
  • LPCVD nitride deposition rate using the standard recipe: ~ 480 nm/min