SUSS MicroTec MA6 Gen3 Mask Aligner

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SUSS MicroTec MA6 Gen3 Mask Aligner
Tool Name SUSS MicroTec MA6 Gen3 Mask Aligner
Instrument Type Lithography
Staff Manager David Jones
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer SUSS MicroTec
Tool Model MA6 Gen3
Iris Designation MA-01
Lab Phone XXXXX


This system is a dual-use mask aligner and wafer-bond aligner. Mask alignment is used for contact and proximity exposure processes. Exposures can be performed with gaps programmable from 10 um to 300 um in 1 um increments. Automatic wedge error compensation (WEC) is used to ensure that the mask and wafer are parallel. The lamp is a 1000 W Hg-Arc lamp. Integrated light level sensing ensures proper exposure doses as the lamp degrades.

  • Photomask exposure of resist-coated samples


SOPs & Troubleshooting