SCS PDS2010 Parylene Coater

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SCS PDS2010 Parylene Coater
Tool Name SCS PDS2010 Parylene Coater
Instrument Type Soft Lithography
Staff Manager Kyle Keenan
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer SCS
Tool Model PDS2010
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Lab Phone XXXXX


The SCS Labcoter 2 (PDS 2010) vacuum deposition system is specifically designed to bring Parylene technology to the laboratory. Its size and portability make it the ideal choice for universities and research institutions looking to develop and design with Parylene conformal coatings.

As a high quality, compact coating unit, the PDS 2010 is well suited for a range of applications, including circuit boards, sensors, wafers, medical devices and elastomeric components for research, development and repair.

  • Conformal parylene coating of substrates


SOPs & Troubleshooting

Process report