QNF Equipment Owner Matrix

From Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility
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Tool Name Tool ID Tool Group Owner
EVG 510 Wafer Bonder BE-01 Backend Eric Johnston
EVG 620 Wafer Bond Aligner BE-02 Backend Eric Johnston
K&S Wire Bonder BE-03 Backend Eric Johnston
ADT 7100 Dicing Saw BE-04 Backend Travis Venables
MPT Corp. RTP-600S Rapid Thermal Annealer BE-05 Backend David Barth
Tousimis Critical Point Dryer CPD-01 Backend Travis Venables
Cambridge Nanotech S200 ALD ALD-01 Deposition Sam Azadi
Ultratech Fiji G2 ALD ALD-02 Deposition Sam Azadi
Veeco Savannah 200 ALD-03 Deposition Sam Azadi
Oxford PlasmaLab 100 PECVD CVD-01 Deposition Sam Azadi
MRL Wet/Dry Thermal Oxide CVD-02 A Deposition Sam Azadi
MRL LPCVD Silicon Nitride CVD-02 B Deposition Sam Azadi
MRL Anneal 1 CVD-02 C Deposition Sam Azadi
MRL Anneal 2 CVD-02 D Deposition Sam Azadi
SMI MOCVD, Horizontal Reactor CVD-04 H Deposition Faculty Managed
SMI MOCVD, Vertical Reactor CVD-04 V Deposition Faculty Managed
Lesker Nano-36 Thermal Evaporator PVD-01 Deposition David Barth
Lesker PVD75 E-Beam/Thermal Evaporator PVD-02 Deposition David Barth
Lesker PVD75 DC/RF Sputterer PVD-03 Deposition Dan Sabrsula
Lesker PVD75 E-beam Evaporator PVD-04 Deposition David Barth
Denton Explorer14 Magnetron Sputterer PVD-05 Deposition Dan Sabrsula
Evatec Clusterline 200 II PVD-06 Deposition Faculty Managed
Anatech SCE-108 Barrel Asher DE-02 Dry Etch Kyle Keenan
SPTS Si DRIE DE-03 Dry Etch Sam Azadi
Oxford 80 Plus RIE DE-04 Dry Etch Sam Azadi
Oxford Cobra ICP Etcher DE-05 Dry Etch Sam Azadi
SPTS/Xactix XeF2 Isotropic Etcher DE-06 Dry Etch Sam Azadi
Jupiter II RIE Plasma Etcher DE-08 Dry Etch Sam Azadi
Zeiss Smartzoom5 2D/3D Optical Microscope MET-10 Inspection Eric Johnston
Zeiss Axio Imager M2m Microscope (1 of 4) MET-12 Inspection Kyle Keenan
Zeiss Axio Imager M2m Microscope (2 of 4) MET-13 Inspection Kyle Keenan
Zeiss Axio Imager M2m Microscope (3 of 4) MET-14 Inspection Kyle Keenan
Zeiss Axio Imager M2m Microscope (4 of 4) MET-15 Inspection Kyle Keenan
IPG IX-255 Excimer Laser Micromachining LMM-01 Laser Micromachining Eric Johnston
IPG IX280-DXF Green Laser Micromachining LMM-02 Laser Micromachining Ana Cohen
Elionix ELS-7500EX E-Beam Lithography System EBL-01 Lithography David Barth
Litho Workstation for BEAMER and TRACER EBL-02 Lithography David Barth
Heidelberg DWL 66+ Laser Writer LW-01 Lithography Ana Cohen
Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT LW-02 Lithography Ana Cohen
SUSS MicroTec MA6 Gen3 Mask Aligner MA-01 Lithography Ana Cohen
Nanonex NX2600 Nanoimprint/Mask Aligner MA-02 Lithography David Barth
Hawks/Genesis HMDS Vapor Prime Oven OVN-01 Lithography Kyle Keenan
SUSS MicroTec AS8 AltaSpray RC-01 Lithography Ana Cohen
KLA Tencor P7 2D profilometer MET-01 Metrology David Barth
KLA Tencor P7 2D&3D/stress profilometer MET-02 Metrology David Barth
Filmetrics F50 (yellow light) MET-03 Metrology David Barth
Filmetrics F40 MET-04 Metrology David Barth
Filmetrics Profilm3D Optical Profilometer MET-05 Metrology David Barth
Woollam V-VASE Ellipsometer MET-06 Metrology Lucas Barreto
Jandel Multi Height Four Point Probe MET-08 Metrology Sam Azadi
Micromanipulator 4060 Probe Station MET-09 Metrology Dan Sabrsula
Filmetrics F50 (white light) MET-11 Metrology David Barth
Anatech SCE-106 Barrel Asher DE-07 Soft Lithography Ana Cohen
ABM3000HR Mask Aligner MA-03 Soft Lithography Ana Cohen
SCS PDS2010 Parylene Coater PVD-07 Soft Lithography Kyle Keenan
Silanization Dessicator PVD-08 Soft Lithography Eric Johnston
Brewer Spinner - SU-8/PDMS SPN-07 Soft Lithography Ana Cohen
Apogee Spinner - Positive Resist (Left) - No LOR/PMGI/Polyimide SPN-01 Spinners Ana Cohen
Apogee Spinner - Positive Resist (Right) SPN-03 Spinners Ana Cohen
ReynoldsTech Spinner - Negative Resist SPN-04 Spinners Ana Cohen
Apogee Spinner - E-Beam Resist Only - No LOR/PMGI/Polyimide SPN-06 Spinners Ana Cohen
Spin Rinse Dryer SRD-01 Wet Bench Kyle Keenan
Hydrofluoric (HF) Acid Process WB-06 Wet Bench Ana Cohen