Lesker Nano-36 Thermal Evaporator

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Lesker Nano-36 Thermal Evaporator
Tool Name Lesker Nano-36 Thermal Evaporator
Instrument Type Deposition
Staff Manager Jason (jarohr@seas.upenn.edu)
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Kurt J. Lesker
Tool Model Nano-36
Iris Designation PVD-01
Lab Phone 215-898-9748


The Kurt J. Lesker Nano36 will evaporate a metal film under high vacuum while measuring the thickness in-situ by a thickness monitor. Up to three different materials can be loaded in one batch, and the evaporation sources are sufficiently isolated from each other by shields to prevent cross contamination. The wafer platen can accommodate sizes up to 150 mm.

Deposition Sources

The tool is primarily used for deposition of indium and other materials whose vapor pressure or other properties make them unsuitable for other chambers (such as tin). Most materials are allowed in this tool. Please discuss with staff before beginning any new process in the tool.


SOPs & Troubleshooting
Materials vapor-pressure