KLA Tencor P7 2D&3D/stress profilometer

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KLA Tencor P7 2D&3D/stress profilometer
Tool Name KLA Tencor P7 2D&3D/stress profilometer
Instrument Type Metrology
Staff Manager Sam Azadi
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer KLA
Tool Model P7
Iris Designation MET-02
Lab Phone XXXXX


The KLA-Tencor P7 Profiler is a highly sensitive surface profiler that measures step height, roughness, and waviness on sample surfaces. The KLA-Tencor Profiler systems use stylus-based scanning to achieve high resolution.

  • Film step height measurements
  • Photo resist thickness
  • Etched trench depth
  • Materials characterization for surface roughness and waviness
  • Wafer bow / stress measurements


SOPs & Troubleshooting