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Access to the Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility

Access will be provided once all steps are successfully completed. Once access is provided, you will be able to enter the cleanroom and request equipment training.

  1. Complete a process review.
    • Submit the Project Form, providing information on the nature of your project. Please provide enough detail so we can properly understand your needs.
    • Book a time to attend the QNF Open Forum, where you can discuss your project needs with QNF Staff. The Open Forum is held every Wednesday, 3pm – 5pm, and can be attended in person in Singh 035, or via Zoom.
      • If you are not able to make the scheduled QNF Open Forum times or cannot access the scheduler, contact Eric Johnston ( via email to make other arrangements.
      • If you'll be working on an already approved QNF process for your group, you may be able to skip this step. Follow up with your PI.
  2. Complete the Access Request Form, once your project has been approved.
    • A form will be sent via DocuSign for signature by our user admin.
    • For external users, you may need to complete an external user agreement if one does not already exist for your organization.
  3. Complete the QNF Orientation Video Training and Quiz just prior to beginning work in the cleanroom (within two weeks.)
  4. Attend the QNF Walkthrough. Sign up through our Orientation Walkthrough registration page.

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