Jandel Multi Height Four Point Probe

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Jandel Multi Height Four Point Probe
Tool Name Jandel Multi Height Four Point Probe
Instrument Type Electrical Characterization
Staff Manager Sam Azadi
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Jandel
Tool Model Four Point Probe
Iris Designation MET-08
Lab Phone XXXXX
SOP Link [ NA]


The system allows probing of wafers, ingots, or samples of widely varying dimensions. A locking mechanism allows the arm to be moved up and down the steel pole and locked to suit any sample height. A plug attached to the arm prevents the wiring from getting entangled with samples, fingers etc. The system utilizes a Jandel Cylindrical probe head.

  • Material resistivity measurements


SOPs & Troubleshooting
  • [NA - staff assisted use only]