Filmetrics F50 (UV Filter)

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Filmetrics F50 (UV Filter)
Tool Name Filmetrics F50 (UV Filter)
Instrument Type Metrology
Staff Manager David Barth
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Filmetrics
Tool Model F50
NEMO Designation MET-03
Lab Phone XXXXX


The Filmetrics F50 family of products can map film thickness as quickly as two points per second. A motorized R-Theta stage accepts standard and custom chucks for samples up to 200mm in diameter. This system has a UV filter installed and is used for measuring film thicknesses of UV sensitive photoresists. A second F50 system without UV filters is located in the QNF (MET-11).

Map patterns can be polar, rectangular, or linear, or you can create your own with no limit on the number of measurement points. Dozens of pre-defined map patterns are supplied.

  • Thin-film thickness optical measurements


SOPs & Troubleshooting