Elionix ELS-7500EX E-Beam Lithography System

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Elionix ELS-7500EX E-Beam Lithography System
Tool Name Elionix ELS-7500EX E-Beam Lithography System
Instrument Type Lithography
Staff Manager David Barth
Lab Location Bay 4
Tool Manufacturer Elionix
Tool Model ELS-7500EX
Iris Designation EBL-01
Lab Phone 8-9799


The Elionix ELS-7500EX is an electron beam lithography tool capable of high resolution patterning at 50 kV with currents from 10 pA to 20 nA.

  • Patterning of positive and negative e-beam resists with features from ~10 nm to micron scale
Allowed Materials
  • Standard semiconductor materials
  • Low vapor pressure metals
  • Resists


SOPs & Troubleshooting
  • SOP
  • March 4, 2022: There is a minor issue with the vacuum in the loadlock. The loadlock will not pump down from a partially evacuated state. In order to pump the loadlock if it was not already vented, you must first vent it, and then pump it down again.
Resist and Process Data