EVG 510 Wafer Bonder

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EVG 510 Wafer Bonder
Tool Name EVG 510 Wafer Bonder
Instrument Type Back End
Staff Manager Eric Johnston
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer EV Group
Tool Model 510
Iris Designation BE-01
Lab Phone XXXXX


The EVG501 Wafer Bonding System is a highly flexible R&D system that can handle small substrate pieces up to 100 mm wafers. The new tool supports a variety of bonding processes, such as anodic, eutectic, diffusion, fusion, solder, and adhesive bonds, as well as other thermal processes, including oxide removal and high temperature bakes under a controlled atmosphere. The system also offers quick re-tooling with a conversion time of less than five minutes, making it ideal for universities and R&D as well as small-volume production applications.

Specification Maximum contact force: 10 kN Maximum temperature: 550 ºC Vacuum: ~0.1 mbar Power supply for anodic bonding: 0-2000 V and 50 mA

  • Anodic wafer bonding
  • Eutectic wafer bonding
  • Diffusion wafer bonding
  • Fusion wafer bonding
  • Adhesive wafer bonding


SOPs & Troubleshooting