Anatech SCE-108 Barrel Asher

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Anatech SCE-108 Barrel Asher
Tool Name Anatech SCE-108 Barrel Asher
Instrument Type Etch
Staff Manager Sam Azadi
Lab Location Bay 2
Tool Manufacturer Anatech
Tool Model SCE-108
Iris Designation DE-02
Lab Phone 215-898-9748


Anatech SCE-108 Barrel Asher is an isotropic etch tool, equipped with O2, CF4, Ar, and N2 gases. This tool is ideal for removing photoresist and other organic materials.

The tool is connected to a roughing pump that reduces the pressure to ~ 20 mTorr. Once the desired mixture of gases is introduced in the chamber, the plasma is ignited using the specified RF power. This plasma diffuses towards where the wafers/samples are and etches the material wherever, it is exposed in all directions.

The rate of etch depends on the pressure of the gas, the power, the amount of material/ number of wafers and the placement in the chamber. The chamber is not temperature controlled and heats up as the time goes on, which increases the reaction rate.

  • Removal of photoresist
  • Removal of organic materials


SOPs & Troubleshooting