ADT 7100 Dicing Saw

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ADT 7100 Dicing Saw
Tool Name ADT 7100 Dicing Saw
Instrument Type Back End
Staff Manager Eric Johnston
Lab Location Singh 104
Tool Manufacturer Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT)
Tool Model 7122
Iris Designation BE-04
Lab Phone none


Workhorse dicing saw with precision dicing and alignment system. This is an automated tool with a 2″, DC-brushless, 1.2 kW, Front-mounted, Air-bearing Spindle (60 krpm Max.), with closed-loop turntable, and is optimized for multi-angle dicing of thin, tight tolerance products up to 200 mm x 200 mm.

  • Dicing of Si wafers
  • Dicing of glass wafers
  • Dicing of sapphire wafers
Important Considerations
  • Main cause of broken blades is having the saw descend directly onto the sample. The solution to this is to make sure your sample is centered as much as possible, and to have 10mm of over travel.


ADT Contacts:

  • Bob McCort (semi-retired):
  • Bob Smith, process specialist:
SOPs & Troubleshooting