IPG IX280-DXF Green Micromachining Laser

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IPG IX280-DXF Green Micromachining Laser
Tool Name IPG IX280-DXF Green Micromachining Laser
Instrument Type Back End
Staff Manager Eric Johnston
Lab Location Soft Lithography
Tool Manufacturer IPG
Tool Model IX280
NEMO Designation {{{NEMO_Designation}}}
Lab Phone 3-9639


The IX280-DXF is a highly flexible laser micro-machining system for multipurpose, R&D and production applications. The system combines a Class 1 workstation integrated with a fiber laser and all necessary software.

  • Model: 115-4-A15834
  • Serial Number: 32826
  • Lasers at 532 or 1064 nm
  • Pulse Energy up to 15 Joules (1064 nm)
  • X-Y Positional Accuracy: <3 μm
  • Z-theta Accuracy: <10 μm, ±0.02°
  • Galvanometer Scanner or Fixed Optics
  • Galvo model: IntelliSCAN14
  • Galvo serial number: 411365
  • Step and Scan Stage/ Galvo Integration
  • Vision System Resolution 0.12 μm/ pixel
  • DXF and DWG drawing files accepted

Cutting Applications

  • Ceramics, Metals, Polymers and Semiconductor Materials
  • Patterning of ITO and other Thin-films

Drilling Applications

  • Hole Diameters down to 15 μm

For rectangular through cuts, put the horizontal and vertical cuts on a separate layer and run them separately (as shown in image below). The cuts should be about 100um wide and set up as a fill per the SOP.



SOPs & Troubleshooting